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What We Do

Need fast, reliable, and professional electronics and appliances repair with no fuss? Then simply contact We Fix Tech. Our business model makes your life easier. If you need us to fix a device at your home or office, then we strive to provide the best repairs possible with our on-site services. If you want us to do the repairs at our premises, where we have a proper set-up, then our in-house services come with convenient pick-up and delivery all over Lebanon. Regardless of what you choose, we always offer you a warranty on the repairs we do. Why? Because you deserve peace of mind and we are confident in our ability to do a professional job.
Excellent customer service distinguishes us. Our consultants are ready to give transparent and knowledgeable advice, even if it happens over the phone before we start repairs. Our team members have years of experience in different areas of tech repair. This means they can fix the trickiest electronic issues.
Most turn to us for laptop repair, Mac repair, PC repair, smart phone repair, and tablet repair. But we can repair your PlayStation or Xbox gaming console, washing machine, treadmill, air conditioner, water dispenser, microwave, oven, TV, UPS, and anything else powered by electricity (AC and DC), a rechargeable battery, or a regular battery.


Electric And Electronic Services

We pick up and deliver electric and electronic repairs with no delivery charges.

We cover all of Lebanon.

We repair mobiles, tablets , digital cameras, gaming consoles , mac and pc computers.

Manage wireless configuration, surveillance cameras, networking, and cloud solutions.

We repair all home appliances and multimedia.

Use original spare parts at affordable prices.

We offer professional guarantee on our repairs.

Provide hardware and software computer solutions.

Coach you on how to benefit from the full functionality of your computer, mobile, or tablet.

We provide home and office visits.

Offer upgrades for Mac and PC.

Help you buy and sell your electronics and appliances.